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Candy Lee grew up in the swamps of Florida but heard the call of the mountains even as a girl. She later found home nestled in the Ozarks of Arkansas, where she chiseled out a name for herself as one of the area's most prominent, award-winning folk-roots musicians. A multi-instrumentalist with a diverse musical background, Candy Lee takes roots music off the shelf, dusts it off, and puts a shine on it with a modern polish, and a unique, crystal clear voice that leaves listeners feeling like they’ve had a breath of fresh air. 


Candy Lee was the 2011 Northwest Arkansas Music Award Winner for Best Female Singer/Songwriter and Best Female Vocalist in a Band. She was a finalist for the Song of Arkansas Contest in 2014, and a Grassy Hill New Folk Finalist at the 2015 Kerrville Folk Festival. Candy Lee was 2018’s winner of the Ozark Regional Songwriter Showcase. Her duo, Melody Pond was nominated for the 2018 Arkansas Country Music Awards for Best Acoustic Act, where they performed Candy Lee's song, "Here in Arkansas". 


"Many times those of us that are always in search of great artists cross paths with many diamonds in the rough but rarely run right into one that is naturally cut and polished. So, I was elated when I happened upon Candy Lee." 

                                    - Donny Pitre, The Indie Review

"Candy Lee’s voice changes tone and pitch from song to song; the voice services the song, rather than the other way around." 

                                     -Shelton Hull, Folio Weekly

There’s just something sweet about the Fayetteville singer-songwriter, Candy Lee. Her voice and music likens to a silkier Regina Spektor, with quirkiness and serenity balanced in the feel of the music. It feels angelic in a whole…”  

                                     -Nick Brothers, The Free Weekly

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